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When my daughter and son-in-law told me they had booked the French Quarter wedding chapel I was skeptical because of things that I had seen about these wedding chapels and how cheesy it could be. I was totally and completely wrong. Reverend Tony did a better ceremony than most weddings I have been to in a regular church setting. Even though they had booked the short and sweet wedding Reverend Tony spent an extreme amount of time talking to them about how to love and cherish each other. Reverend Tony talked to them as a counselor not just someone who was being paid to marry them. I was dumbfounded at how nice sweet and genuine he was. I had expected a quick “I Now Pronounce You..”. when he really did perform a wedding ceremony for them. He also did a counseling session with them. He also organized everyone for pictures. You can honestly tell that he cares about the people that he marries. I was in awe at how much he counseled them. These were young adults who needed the guidance that he gave to them. It was so much more than what I expected and I would definitely recommend the French Quarter wedding chapel to anyone that wanted to get married. It was a truly unique and wonderful way to start a life together.

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