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Reverend Anthony Talavera otherwise known as Rev.Tony of The French Quarter Wedding Chapel is a man who has worn many hats. Born in Los Angeles to a Catholic father and Jewish mother, he’s a preacher of common sense and love, licensed by the state of Louisiana and ordained through both the Baptist and Universal Life Churches.

He’s a retired gourmet chef but currently serves as the main officiate for The French Quarter Chapel, runs several successful business, hosts an AM radio talk show, and does a variety of community and social work in the area. On Halloween of 1989 he had a liver transplant and died on the table. He was revived and used his second chance at life to get ordained as a Reverend in 2000 and opened the French Quarter Wedding Chapel the same year.

In 2003 Rev. Tony had a kidney transplant but still found the time to lobby and get Louisiana Senate Bill 565 (informally called the quickie wedding bill.) This legislation allows officiates in the state to sign a waiver to bypass the three day waiting period currently required. He is currently working on more legislation to make Louisiana a premiere wedding destination since New Orleans was proclaimed the romance capital of the world by the Orleans Parish City Council in 2007.

Rev. Tony has been dubbed the Ambassador of Romance for his work with the Chapel and wedding related legislation. The French Quarter Wedding Chapel is the only wedding chapel in the French Quarter and was also recognized by the City of New Orleans to be the most romantic place to be married in the city.

The chapel was also the subject of a reality TV show Big Easy Brides in 2011 on WETV. Rev. Tony has been and a beloved, involved member of the New Orleans community for almost twenty years. He and his parter have performed 15,000 weddings, he’s the President of The Louisiana Wedding Association, and is currently working to improve the wedding industry. Rev. Tony has many accomplishments under his belt and is always setting his sights on more, with a loving touch.

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