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SENATE BILL SB565 (2003)
Reverend Tony Talavera lobbied this bill in cooperation Senator John Hainkel, Senator Paulette Irons, and Senator Diana Bourgeois. This senate bill allowed officiants exclusively in Orleans Parish waive the 72-hour waiting fee. This was a landmark bill that has been hugely profitable for the City of New Orleans, and helpful for visiting couples who do not have the 72 hours to wait.

On February 14, 2007 the New Orleans City Council bestowed a proclamation recognizing New Orleans as “The Romance Capitol of the World.” ┬áThis proclamation was initiated and pursued by The French Quarter Wedding Chapel, in order to promote our beautiful city as the amorous city that it is!

In 2011 The New Orleans City Council again honored The French Quarter Wedding Chapel with a proclamation calling The Chapel as “one of the most memorable, romantic, and unique venues in The Romance Capitol of the World for two people to unite in marriage.” This was an honor bestowed upon Lou Ann and Reverend Tony for their on-going efforts and dedication to honor the love between two unique people.


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