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America’s Best Kept Secret For A Unique Destination Wedding

America’s Best Kept Secret for a Unique Destination Wedding

The French Quarter Wedding Chapel is located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans and has officiated over 15,000 weddings since it was established in 2000.

Let’s face it- not everyone is a long white gown type of bride (me). For others, the thought of a venue full of their relatives may be too much to handle (also me). Then, there are the ones who are artistic; the ones who walk to their own beat, forever searching for something slightly different that no one else has worn out yet (OMG: ME AGAIN). For those of us who suffered through the many weddings of the last fifteen years that boasted over-done trends that we just could not escape, I completely understand. Repeating said horrible trends is the last thing you would want. People like us long for something different…something original. We want something unique that describes our personal style and personality that seem to be missing from standard wedding venues. If any of the above mentioned describes you, I’ve got the perfect place for your upcoming ceremony. Hello, New Orleans!

Located in the iconic French Quarter of New Orleans, The French Quarter Wedding Chapel is a unique venue full of history, art and personality. The chapel is full of beautiful pews, ornate decorative pieces, and even a piano from wood dating back to the civil war. The owners have collected beautiful chandeliers and Tiffany-style lighting from various homes and establishments all throughout the South, giving the chapel a taste of Southern charm and elegance that you won’t find up North. A gorgeous mural depicting a Creole Townhouse was commissioned by a local New Orleans artist and adorns the East wall. Being an artist myself, I fell in love with this space in the instant I walked in. The ceiling beams are adorned with thousands of dollar bills, signed by each couple after their ceremony and pinned to the ceiling for eternity. Remember how I promised you “unique”? Here, you can have $10,000 in singles make their way into your wedding photos.

The Unique Interior of the French Quarter Wedding Chapel, 333 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
A Full 3-D Rendering of the Chapel Can be Found Here:

Reverend Tony Talavera is the owner of this special chapel, and he welcomes everyone. Gay, Straight, Pirate, Voodoo, Vampire (this is New Orleans after all), he’s seen it all. They offer a full-service chapel in which you can choose standard packages; you can also add on extras from their Ala Carte offerings. They can handle the cake, champagne (or hand-grenades, if you wish), photography, flowers, New Orleans-style parade umbrellas and so much more at an extremely affordable rate. This is especially helpful if you’re coming from out of town. You simply choose what you want, and they take care of it! They can even arrange a second-line parade, handling all of the permits and getting the band for you. Reverend Tony’s “Traveling Bartender” motorcade travels beside you and your guests as you second-line through the quarter, on hand to take your empties and hand you a new one without disruption. If it sounds as if I have an affinity for this chapel, it’s because I do. I was married here in 2016, and it was the most fun I think I have ever had at a wedding- and it was mine. Who can honestly say that? As soon as we were done with our champagne and cake at the Chapel we walked two blocks to Bourbon Street and partied the night away. Turns out you get a lot of attention (drinks) if you head out in your wedding dress.

I told you I wasn’t a Long White Dress Type of Bride.
Photography is Available as an Add-On to any Package. For Info on Packages and Rates:
Stopping by to see Rev. Tony in 2019 for a visit.

I encourage you to spend some time on their website to see if this is the fit you are looking for. Here you’ll find all sorts of information pertaining to weddings at the chapel, setting up a second line parade, carriages, traveling bartender, obtaining a marriage license in Louisiana, etc. If you are leaning towards a second-line parade, it is absolutely worth it to have the Chapel handle it for you. Getting the permits and band lined up can be a complete pain, especially coming from out of state. Leave it to the pros! Have questions about my experience? Comment below and I’ll be happy to get back with you, or reach out at

Until Next Time,

Brooke Michelle Contributing Editor for The French Quarter Wedding Chapel

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